How to invite and add your first team member

If you purchased Smartscene Agency, then you should have access to the Smartscene Team feature where you will be able to add your team members or workers and manage them inside your account.

To add your first team member simply follow the steps below:

Step 1:

Click on the Team button from the general dashboard

Step 2:

On the next page, enter the email address of the team member you want to add, write your invitation message and then hit the Invite button. This invite along with a unique signup link is sent to the email you entered.

Step 3:

The sent invite appears by the right of the page where you can see details of sent invites including the email address, the invitation message and the unique signup link. 

Step 4:

Once the team member signs up, you will see details about their account below the pending invite listings. From here you can easily suspend to usage of the account or delete their account entirely. You will also see a self-updating report of the total number of team licenses you have and the number of licenses used.

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