How to access Smartscene Club deliveries

Smartscene Club assets and templates are delivered in two different ways.

First, there is the 1,000 Premium Assets Library delivered in a dedicated members area. You will get access to these assets instantly, simply follow the guide below.

Second, there is the 200 Brand New Smartscene Assets and Templates delivered inside your Smartscene account every month.

This guide will show you how you can access both deliveries.

1,000 Premium Assets Library 

Step 1:

Check your JVZoo purchase receipt for a link to your JVZoo customer account portal, or just Click Here

Your JVZoo Customer Portal contains a list of all the products you purchased through JVZoo.

Step 2:

Scroll down to find the product you want to get access to, in this case find Smartscene Club, and click on the VIEW DETAILS button against it.

Step 3:

On the next page, click on the ACCESS YOUR PURCHASE button

Step 4:

Enter your details to signup.

Step 6:

Now login to access your 1,000 Premium Assets Library

Monthly Delivery Of 200 Brand New Smartscene Assets and Templates 

To access your monthly Club templates and assets deliveries follow the steps below

Step 1:

Log into your Smartscene account. From the general dashboard click on any of the 3 Smartscene apps you want to use based on the kind of scene you are looking to create.

Step 2:

Click on Templates from the left menu

Step 3:

Look for the folder named Template Club and click on it. 

Step 4:

Your Club Templates will be loaded by the right side of the page under Templates. You can easily select and use your Club Templates from here.

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