How to access your Smartscene purchase

Thanks for trusting us and getting Smartscene.

Here are 2 ways you can get access to your Smartscene account.

Option 1:

Once you made your purchase, our system automatically created a Smartscene account for you with your Paypal email address. Simply check this email (look both in your inbox and spam folders) for your Smartscene account login credentials.

Option 2:

Your Smartscene account login credentials were also automatically added to your JVZoo receipt. To see your receipt, check your JVZoo purchase receipt for a link to your JVZoo customer account portal, or just Click Here

Your JVZoo Customer Portal contains a list of all the products you purchased through JVZoo. Scroll down to find the product you want to get access to, in this case find Smartscene, and click on the VIEW DETAILS button against it, and your receipt page will open with full details including your login credentials.


If you can't find your Smartscene access credentials following the 2 options above, then use the Support Ticket icon bottom-right of this page to let us know. We are happy to assist you!

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