How to create your first scene with Smartscene

Excited about Smartscene yet? Here is how you can create your first Smartscene scene design

Step 1:

Login to your Smartscene general dashboard and click on the Smartscene app that creates the kind of scene you want to make.

Step 2:

Click on the Plus icon below the "New Design" button to create a folder for your design

Step 3:

On the popup screen, give the folder a name and then click on the Save button

Step 4:

Click on the Templates menu from the left menu, and then on any of the template folders to see the templates in them.

Step 5:

Scroll through the templates to find the best match for what you want to create. Once found, bring your mouse on the chosen template and click on Use. This loads the selected template in the editor.

Step 6:

Customize the template to match your need. You can change the color of the elements, delete any element, add to the elements, upload your own asset and use in the scene design, etc.

Once you are happy with your design, take your mouse to the Download button top-right of the editor and download your design in your preferred file format.

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