How to use the favourite feature

The favourite feature is a smart function that keeps track of your favourites. These include favourite assets, favourite colours and favourite fonts. Follow the steps below to make use of the favourite feature.

Step 1:

Click to select an object or text inside the canvas

Step 2:

Right-click on the selected object or text. This will display the favourite options for object or text

Step 3:

You can then click on the preferred option to favourite; choosing between the object, the object color, edited version of the object, font or font color. If you want to choose two options, then choose one option first then right-click again and choose the second option.

Step 4a - 1:

Click on the “Show My Elements” button at the top while in the Elements menu to reveal your favourited objects.

Step 4b - 1:

Click on any of the objects to add it to the canvas.

Step 4c - 1:

Click on the “Hide My Elements” button to go back to the general elements display.

Step 4a - 2:

Click on the background option from the left menu and look for “Favourite Colors” to see all the colours you favourited.

Step 4b - 2:

Click on any color to apply it to any selected item in the canvas

Step 4a - 3:

Click on Font from the text menu by the left to show a list of 300+ fonts available in Smartscene. Your favourited fonts are smartly placed at the top of the list and identified with the “love” icon.

Step 4b - 3:

Click on any of the top fonts with the “love” icon marks to apply it to a selected text in the canvas.