How to use your Smartscene design with Viddyoze

Smartscene creates stunning illustrations, sketch scenes and photo scenes that look exceptionally stunning when used in videos.

As a case study we created 2 different scene designs in Smartscene, and used them to create short few seconds videos in Viddyoze using the VIDDYOZE-Assembly - Single Title video template and the VIDDYOZE-Pool Logo Girl Swims Away video template.

The Results:

The first 2 videos below are the videos we created with the 2 Smartscene scenes. Notice in the first video how the Viddyoze app intelligently picked the colors in the scene design to automatically customise the bubble colors?

We recorded this third video below to show you how we created the first video with the VIDDYOZE-Assembly - Single Title video template.

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