How to use your Youzign account with Smartscene

Thanks to the Smartscene Youzign integration, you can now easily import your Youzign designs and continue working with them inside Smartscene.

Step 1:

Log into your Smartscene account, and click on the Settings tab from the general dashboard

Step 2:

Scroll down to where you see Youzign

Step 3:

Enter your Youzign Public Key and Token in the spaces provided, and click the UPDATE button. To find your Youzign API credentials, login into your Youzign account and go to your account details section, or just click here to get the credentials once logged into your Youzign account,

Step 4:

Now when you want to use a design from your Youzign account while working in Smartscene, simply click on the Images menu by the left and then on Youzign

Step 5:

Your Youzign designs will be retrieved inside your Smartscene canvas. A click on any of the designs loads the design inside the Smartscene editor where you can easily edit and use it in your scene design.

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